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We believe in supporting and developing healthy therapeutic relationships with a view to bringing about positive mental health outcomes for our clients.

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We cannot underestimate the power of speaking. It takes courage to allow oneself to be vulnerable in the presence of another. Through the therapeutic process, the experience to speak freely can lead to increased spontaneity and ease for the client. This can lead to acknowledgement and expression of feelings and thoughts that may have been deeply buried and to relate these to current experiences. The overall benefits allow you to gain greater insight of yourself, inner fulfilment and a positive outlook on life and improved relationships.

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“I originally was in a very bad place when I decided to reach out and get help. Thanks to John in Fairview therapy centre I have found myself and have developed the tools necessary for dealing with my trauma in everyday life. The service here is extraordinary. The centre has a very laid back, informal vibe and you don’t feel judged, which was the most important thing for me when deciding where to seek help.”
Dublin 3
When I first went to Niamh I was a sceptic and thought at most I would do a couple of sessions and be on my way. But with Niamh’s guidance and support I have learned just how beneficial therapy can be. Niamh provided me with a space to safely talk about, and understand not only my feelings, but myself too. Her support has helped me truly get to know myself, but also I have learned to be kinder to myself. I’m very grateful to have found Niamh and couldn’t imagine this crazy journey called life without her in my corner.
Co Dublin
From my first assessment to my latest session with Evelyn, I felt I wasn't alone. I was held and guided through a range of very complicated and tangled emotions. I felt the strength, knowledge and professional support from Evelyn. Evelyn not only enabled me how to deal with my problems and emotions, but also supported me to re-structure my life into a shape that fitted the next phase of my life. For me Fairview Therapy Centre has been a safe place to deal with hard things.
'I've entered therapy in crisis and stayed for an emotional outlet, help, and space to reflect on a regular basis. Evelyn is a warm, wise, and consistent source of support whom I would wholeheartedly recommend.'
Co Kildare

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