Adolescent Therapy


Adolescent Therapy

Therapy can play an essential part in the development of today’s teens and equip them with better coping skills and deeper understanding of themselves as they move into adulthood. 

Adolescence is the period of life from 13 to 18 years of age.  Today’s teenager faces a world in which the gaps in the structure of the family and society makes the need for adaption more and more difficult. During this time, a young person experiences transformations on several levels (physical, emotional, psychological). Sometimes these transformations occurring in, around, and after puberty can cause difficulties for adolescents often felt as insurmountable and deeply challenging.

Depression Therapy 95%
Anxiety Disorder 90%
Individual Theraphy 78%
Depresion 99%

This is fertile ground for the growth of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and can possibly or sometimes lead to increases in aggression within the family, school and outside world. The task of adolescence is to move from dependence to independence and this is rarely accomplished without a struggle.

Taking the time and speak with an experience professional can make all the difference in finding new ways to communicate and understand your teenager. For the teenager to feel understood can be a liberating experience and enable them to move forwards in their life.

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