Online Therapy

Online Therapy

The flexibility provided by online therapy.

Fairview Therapy Centre now offers confidential counselling and psychotherapy services online. An increasing number of clients are using online psychotherapy as a replacement for attending face to face therapy in our consulting rooms, particularly since the arrival of covid-19. For clients who have irregular work schedules, or live remotely or experience difficulties in terms of time for travel to sessions, telephone or video therapy is an ideal alternative.

The flexibility provided by online therapy means that you can log into your session from a space where you feel safe and comfortable. Our psychotherapists have years of experience and high level training in the provision of psychotherapy. They work to the same standards of confidentiality as they do in face to face therapy and provide a safe space for you to be able to explore issues which may have prompted you to reach out to our service. 

If you are interested in availing of therapy remotely through this medium please contact us by phone, email or by completing the contact form below, and we can arrange a telephone or Skype/Zoom consultation. 

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