Family Systemic Therapy

Family Systemic Therapy

Working collaboratively with families.

Family Therapy is a broad term for a range of methods for working collaboratively with families with various bio-psycho-social difficulties. Within this broad cathedral of therapy, one sees human problems as essentially interpersonal, not intrapersonal.  Some family therapists argue that all human problems are essentially relational and so family therapy is appropriate in all instances.

With respect to practices, some family therapists vary with whom they invite to the sessions. Some therapists invite all family members to all the therapy sessions. Others conduct family therapy with individuals by empowering them to manage their relationships with family members or within an intimate relationship in more satisfactory ways. Still, others have broadened family therapy so that it includes members of the wider professional and social network around the family, which demonstrates a systemic approach.

The family is a system with boundaries and is organised into subsystems. The goal of a systemic approach is to identify the most efficient means to generate consistent, optimum results. Change can be seen in the systems of interaction between family members or between couples in a relationship. Family relations are seen as an extremely important factor in the psychological well-being of its members!

The skills of the family therapist include the ability to guide conversations in a way that catalyses the strengths and support of the wider system. Family therapists can help with issues like:

Family therapy can help all kinds of families including the family you define. At Fairview Therapy Centre, we don’t focus on problems, we seek solutions to conflict. Families function
as a system. When one family member is in crisis, everyone is. 
​We can host a safe environment were families can discuss their difficulties and reach a consensus through respect, listening and growth. ​

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