Supervision sessions available.

The purpose of supervision in clinical psychotherapy and counselling is to enrich the professional’s attitudes, knowledge, and skills in order to competently provide quality care resulting in improved client outcomes. Clinical Supervision is part of ongoing training and mentoring of professionally trained psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists.

Individual professionals working in mental health settings, social work and care, education, care facilities and chaplaincy as well as agencies and organisations where individuals and teams deal with issues of mental ill-health and / or psychological disorder can also benefit greatly from supervision.  It provides a supportive and collaborative learning space for the practitioner to reflect on their work and further enhance their professional development.

Supervision is provided by accredited supervisors for trainee, pre-accredited and accredited therapists. We also offer supervision to a wide variety of frontline workers such as Nurses, Gardai, Guidance Counsellors, Teachers, Carers, Social Workers, Care Workers and Pastoral Care Teams.

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