Qualifications: MSc Psychotherapy, Advanced Diploma in Supervision, BpH (Philosophy), Dip Social Studies, M.I. trainer, EMDR Practitioner, Reality Therapy Certified and is an accredited psychotherapist, addiction counsellor and trainer.

Psychotherapist Supervisor EMDR Practitioner

Peter Kelly

Work Experience: Peter is currently in private practice as a psychotherapist and EMDR practitioner. He has a background in both generic psychotherapy and addictions and brings over 20 years of clinical experience working with individuals and groups.    

His clinical training is in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and he is an accredited member and supervisor of the A.C.I. (Addiction Counsellors of Ireland), the Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Ireland (A.P.P.I.) and ICP. 

Peter has provided education and supervision in the area of addiction for a number of years including drug, alcohol, gambling and process addictions. 

Underpinning philosophy: Peter specializes in a number of areas from relationship difficulties to stress management, addiction disorders, trauma, anxiety/depression, self-esteem, loss/bereavement, and occupational issues. His interests also include groupwork and group processes. Peter believes in the fundamental role that the unconscious plays in mental health, and the dynamics and processes involved for the individual and the group in moving towards health and well-being.

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