Reality Therapy/Choice Theory

Reality Therapy/ Choice Theory

Reality Therapy sessions are available

Reality therapy/ Choice Theory, RTCT, is a form of counselling that views behaviours as choices. Reality therapy and Choice Theory emphasize the present. The goal is to change current behaviour to address a psychological problem. 

The theory also states that we choose our behaviours to satisfy unmet needs. And to meet these needs, our behaviour must be determined by internal forces. If our behaviour is influenced by external factors like people or situations, it will result in psychological problems.

The therapist’s role in reality therapy is to help clients focus on what they can do, and steer them focused on the present or their symptoms instead of the cause (William Glasser Institute, 2010). A client in reality therapy will likely be encouraged to do the following:

  • Focus on the present, not the past
  • Avoid discussing symptoms
  • Focus their energy on changing their thoughts and behaviour
  • Avoid criticizing, blaming, and/or comparing themselves to others
  • Avoid relying on excuses for their behaviour, whether they are legitimate or not
  • Make specific plans and smart goals. 

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