Richard McDermott


  • RMD Hypnotherapy
  • Principal Richard Mc Dermott: Hyp.Dip Advanced Strategic Hypnotherapist
  • Mind Coach
  • GQHP
  • GHR
  • GHSC Accredited Practitioner
  • CHNC

Richard is a qualified Hypnotherapist with a Triple Hyp.Dip in Advanced Strategic Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and online therapy, An Accredited Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach Practitioner with GQHP, GHR, GHSC and the CHNC. Richard started his journey with Hypnotherapy 25 years ago when he was so fed up with smoking and how it controlled my life that he booked with a hypnotherapist. It was without doubt one of the best things he ever decided to do as here he is now all these years later, a qualified Hypnotherapist and mind coach on a mission to work with clients to help them quit smoking. Richard is also qualified in mind coaching, which he uses in his practice in conjunction with Hypnotherapy and NLP to build confidence processes with sports people who are involved in golf, rugby etc. as it helps to improve your in-game controls. (Phobias, Weight Loss and other areas worked with as well on request or referral)

Hypnotherapy and your right mindset can help achieve many things where it can have a life changing positive effect on you. When working with Richard in his Hypnotherapy sessions you will be breaking down, de-powering old bad habits or other mental faulty conditions that have been keeping you stuck. When it comes to smoking Richard has walked in your shoes, and he knows from experience that really the only thing holding us back are our limiting beliefs. As stated, Richard has a real lived experience when it comes to his specialist sessions as he was chain smoking 60 cigarettes a day and by engaging with Hypnotherapy, he quit smoking for good. Richard has had such a positive life changing experience and developed such a belief in this discipline he was inspired to study and qualify in Hypnotherapy, set up his practice and work with many clients that he has helped reach their goal of quitting. He believes Hypnotherapy is a very powerful resource for many different profile issues and recognises how it has improved every aspect of his life, and he shudders to think how much money it has saved him but more importantly Richard is so grateful how Hypnotherapy helped him to take back control where he regained back his health, breathing new energy and vitality into his mind and body. Richard says, “Hypnotherapy has freed me to live a happy, healthier long life with my family, friends and colleagues.”

If you are ready to invest in yourself, are motivated, can keep a promise and want to become a non-smoking champion of your world or if you want to improve your sports confidence processes, then join Richard today in achieving your goal where you will take that collaborative hypnotherapy journey together. (Phobias, Weight Loss and other areas worked with as well on request)

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