Qualifications: HDIP Counselling and Psychotherapy, MA Psychotherapy, AMIAHIP.

Therapist - Psychotherapist

Bairbre Shelly

Qualifications and Associations
Qualified as a Solicitor in Ireland 1989. Post Graduate Diploma in
Conflict and Dispute resolution, Trinity College Dublin 2012. Accredited mediator with MII (including separating couples) since 2012. Accredited Conflict Coach with CINERGY 2013. Current member of The Family Lawyers Association of Ireland.
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Academic background
Bairbre qualified as a Solicitor in Ireland in 1989. She has a Post Graduate
Diploma in Conflict and Dispute resolution. Bairbre gained this from Trinity College Dublin in 2012. Bairbre is an Accredited mediator with MII ( including separating couples ) since 2012; Accredited
Conflict Coach with CINERGY 2013; Current member of The Family Lawyers Association of Ireland. General Profile and experience: Bairbre practiced as a family lawyer for over 20 years before qualifying as an accredited mediator. She also holds a post graduate diploma in conflict and dispute resolution and a qualification as a conflict coach. Bairbre has both a private mediation practice and a volunteer mediator with Coolock Family Law and Mediation Services “CLM” and is an assigned mentor to several of her mediator colleagues in CLM. Bairbre has also presented papers on family
law to her mediation colleagues and is also a member of The Family Lawyers Association of Ireland.
Underpinning Philosophy
Bairbre firmly believes, from her many years of experience as a family lawyer, that the mediation process is the best forum for most family disputes. She believes that an
agreement reached by the parties themselves is one more likely to deal with their interests. To this end, she follows a structured practice of providing a voluntary, pragmatic and confidential forum to allows the parties voice their own concerns while at the same time hear and understand the other’s
concerns to reach their negotiated settlement of the issues between them. This gives them the tools to negotiate any future dispute between them. This is and especially true if they have children. Bairbre “ I see my role in the mediation process is to facilitate both parties understanding of the circumstances, their individual perspective, and to help them identify criteria for a sustainable resolution. I also believe it is quicker and far cheaper than the long drawn out court proceedings.”
Availability: Nationally
Contact no: 00353876887102
Email: bairbreshelly@live.ie

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