Qualifications:BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy, MSc in Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy, Certification in Reality Therapy & Choice Theory, MIACP, Master’s Degree in Literature and Philosophy.

Reality & ChoiceTherapist

Loredana Locci

Academic Background: Loredana Graduated with an honours BSc in Counselling & Psychotherapy from PCI College (2020) after her Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy from PCI College (2019), held a certificate in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory from the William Glasser Irish Institute and is currently attending the Masters of Science in Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy. Loredana has also undertaken various courses with the intention of developing professionally, to broaden her knowledge and understanding of various theories and practices in the psychotherapeutic world. She is also pleased to offer her support to clients who are German. French, Swiss German and Italian native speakers.
Underpinning Philosophy: Psychotherapy promotes self-realization and is much more than an intervention on suffering, distress, discomfort, or uneasiness, it is also an opportunity for growth. People undertake a journey supported by the therapist, in a safe, non-judgmental,
and empathetic environment, where they develop a greater awareness of their own way of being and functioning. As a result, they become capable of making courageous choices towards their own authentic realisation. They also become more able to use their resources and make use of their talents. The real purpose of psychotherapy is not (only) to reduce the symptoms of psychological disorders but to develop positive qualities such as compassion, joy, peace, self-esteem, the experience of spiritual connection and love.

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