Cathy graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Trinity College Dublin in 2003 

and is a member of the ISW (Irish Association of Social Work). Cathy is also a 

qualified DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Theray) Therapist since 2005 and graduated with a Masters in Family Therapy in 2018. She is a member of the Family Therapy Association of Ireland (FTAI).

Family Therapist

Cathy Heeley

Work Experience

Cathy has worked as a social worker in Adult Mental Health for nearly 20yrs. Through this work she has over time gradually gained a greater understanding of individual and family difficulties which can be complex and thus require therapeutic support. She has had the privilege to witness a fundamental change in her clients as they gain greater insights into themselves and indeed their family members. Difficulties experienced within a family may be full of emotion so require a non -judgemental space to work things out collaboratively. Issues explored include mental health issues, sexual and emotional abuse, addiction, self-harm, and couples who are experiencing relationship conflict.

Underpinning Philosophy

Cathy in her practice draws on several theoretical approaches in her work including DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) this therapy is designed to enable individuals who experience intense pain and self-harm to understand and develop skills that can enhance daily living. She also draws on narrative approaches while using a person-centred approach with the individuals and families holding the central focus of expertise in understanding and resolving their own issues with therapeutic support.

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