Health and Wellness Coach Certification, Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Massage Diploma, Indian Head Massage Diploma, Bodhypnosis Certification, EFT/TFT Certification, Meditation Practitioner/Teacher Certification, Pellowah Energy Healing Certification, Access Bars Certification.

holistic therapist and wellness coach

Sandy Fierloos

I spent most of my working life in high-stress level jobs in several industries. I suffered from high stress levels, anxiety, and self-doubt at times. Being stressed and anxious, doubting myself was not how I wanted to feel. Not even to talk about the effect the stress levels were having on my health.

There had to be a way that I could learn to reduce my stress and anxiety levels. To become a more confident, healthier, and happier version of myself.

I started my journey by exploring effective treatments and techniques to help reduce my stress and anxiety levels. These helped me become a less anxious, more confident, and happier person. I became more determined to learn other techniques and treatments. To help people with reducing their stress and anxiety levels. To become happier, calmer, and healthier versions of themselves.

As a Wellness Coach, I am your supportive guide to help you set goals to improve your health and wellbeing. To empower and motivate you in becoming your unique expert as nobody knows you better than yourself. Wellness coaches are here to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare and therapies.

As a Holistic Therapist, I provide you with treatments and packages that have many benefits to your body, mind, and soul. Each of my clients is on their unique journey to cope with stress, anxiety. Everyone’s journey is unique to them.

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