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Brighton House, 29 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3

Kathleen Quinlan: B.SocSc., CQSW, Dip. Soc. St, MSc Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, MIACP. 

Academic Background:  Kathleen graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science degree in 1990 from University College Dublin and a Certificate of Qualification in Social Work and Diploma in Applied Social Studies from Nottingham Trent University in 1993. She completed a certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in 2001. Kathleen trained as a psychotherapist at the Irish Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies, Dun Laoghaire/Dublin City University with an MSc and now sees clients in private practice in Fairview.

Work experience: Kathleen worked for twenty-three years in both the UK and Ireland in intellectual disability (including dual diagnosis: mental health), mental health (including borderline personality disorder) domestic violence (including work facilitation and training) and palliative care in both hospital and community settings. She has extensive experience of counselling adults experiencing mental ill health and/or diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and in bereavement counselling in cancer-based support services, palliative care and in private psychotherapy practice.

Underpinning Philosophy:  Kathleen’s practice is informed by her integrative training in person-centered counselling and psychosynthesis. Her practice is holistic and integrative working with clients on a range of issues drawing from her experience as a social worker and psychotherapist. These issues include isolation/anxiety/stress management and depression/suicidal thoughts/ self-harm, relationships/sexuality/sexual orientation, loss/bereavement/ill health and above all relationship with self. Kathleen has a special interest in working with attachment/loss/adjustment and isolation/sadness. She draws on humanistic and integrative psychotherapy to support a client holistically in their journey to who they can be through compassion and unconditional positive regard.