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Gráinne Clune  BA, MA in Art Therapy

Academic Background: Gráinne graduated from NUIG in 2006 with a BA in Psychological Studies and Philosophy, and from CIT in 2012 with an MA in Art Therapy. She is an accredited member of IACAT.

Work Experience: Gráinne has over ten years’ experience working in the healthcare sector, especially in the areas of intellectual disability, autism, mental health and drug and alcohol addiction.

Gráinne believes that any individual can be creative. By exploring issues through Art Therapy, the individual can gain understanding of and learn how to cope with those issues that affect their daily living. No experience with art is necessary for the Art Therapy process.

Gráinne has experience working with both children and adults, using Art Therapy to deal with bereavement, homelessness, mental health issues, depression and addiction.

Underpinning Philosophy: My approach is non-directive, allowing the individual to explore issues through art, where the unconscious emerges to a conscious level in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Themes may be introduced, depending on the needs of the individual or group.