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Catherine Clements: BA Humanities; MA in Mediation and Conflict Resolution; Diploma in Psychotherapy; Diploma in Psychology; Advanced Diploma in Supervision, MICAP, C. Psychol. Ps.S.I., MII

Academic Background: Catherine completed her training as a psychotherapist in 2000 at the Tivoli Institute. Subsequently, she completed a Conversion Diploma in Psychology with the Open University in 2004 and an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Supervision in 2007 at PCI College. More recently in 2016 Catherine graduated with a Masters in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at NUI, Maynooth.

Work Experience: 

Catherine has over 20 years experience working as a psychotherapist in private practice.  Catherine is also a clinical supervisor for both student supervisees and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists.  Catherine is a chartered psychologist and has extensive experience in the area of adult mental health and disabilities. Catherine is a certified and practicing mediator, specialising in the areas of separating couples, community mediation, and elder mediation. 

Underpinning Philosophy: 

Psychotherapy provides a safe, confidential and supportive space in which to explore personal difficulties and challenges.  Through the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist, the client can work through issues in their lives that may be causing them emotional distress and begin to focus on making positive changes.