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Brighton House, 29 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3

Fairview Therapy Centre is a warm, welcoming and safe environment in which to explore and resolve personal, family or work related problems. We are a private therapy practice offering a wide range of services which acknowledge the holistic nature of health. All the therapies available at the Centre recognize the need for a balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life in order to achieve good health and well being.

For us to help you it is important that we match you up to the most appropriate therapist. To do this, we need to know something about you, your problem and your availability. This is best done over the phone and for this reason we ask you to supply a contact number when making contact with us via email. We will then contact you for a chat and to set up your first appointment.

Your first appointment will be an opportunity for both you and your therapist to ensure that you have come to the right place to receive help with your particular problem. If this is the case, you are usually then asked to make a commitment for five more sessions after which time you and the therapist will review how things are progressing. These early sessions will help you gain an understanding of the process and how the particular therapist works and, most importantly, to get clear that s/he is the right person for you. The review need not be very formal but it is an opportunity to voice any concerns you may have and to ask for explanations from the therapist as to their views about what you would gain from continuing before committing to further sessions.


Individual Therapy
Individual counselling is particularly useful for people who find themselves at a crossroads in life, at a loss how to cope with a difficult issue or crisis, or just feeling at a low ebb and for whom life has lost its sense of meaning and joy. The counselling process provides a safe space for the individual to regain their own sense of self-acceptance and self-direction and re-claim more control of their own life.
Common issues which are dealt with in individual therapy include; Life-crisis, Anxiety, Trauma and Stress, Depression, Bereavement, Social Phobia, Relationship or Intimacy issues; Self-Esteem; Bullying; Burn-out.


Couple Therapy
Couple counselling is about improving the quality of relationships, or when a crisis point has been reached in the relationship.
Couple therapy provides a safe space where each individual’s perspective is acknowledged and respected, and the shared experience of the relationship is explored. In an atmosphere of mutual respect and meaningful communication, couples can resolve conflicts and gain a deeper understanding, from which new, more fulfilling and meaningful directions can be forged.
Common issues which are dealt with in couple therapy include: Communication difficulties; Intimacy issues; Unresolved conflicts; Dysfunctional behaviours; Stress-related issues such as parenting, extended family, illness, finances.