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The word “depression” is used to cover a wide range of mood problems, from short periods of low mood to a long-term inability to function due to severely low mood.  Most cases of low mood will sort themselves out over time as life’s circumstances change. However, a significant number of people (5% to 10% of the population at any one time) require therapeutic support and intervention.  This type of depression is often accompanied by anxiety which can range from troublesome to crippling in its intensity.  People who are depressed may feel irritable, experience a sense of emptiness, helplessness and sadness, and often feel completely overwhelmed, losing interest in activities and people they once enjoyed.  Such depression is often accompanied by a variety of physical symptoms including lack of energy, sleep problems, loss of appetite and crying.

Our Therapists who specialise in this area
Cathy Buffini
Evelyn Geraghty
Deborah Harvey
Ciaran Mahony